Meet Candace

Candace is a freelance photographer located in Ottawa ON, who has been investing time in photography over the past ten years. Candace's love for photography started with an interest for rural exploration. Throughout her adventures she discovered a way to use photography to express how she views the world around her.

Candace dedicates most of her free time to bettering her skill set and continuously growing her collection of photos. The interest in photography started with a love for black and white. Through her love for black and white photography, she found herself consumed with the beauty of a place once lived in, but now forgotten, ruins and abandoned locations. From this point forward she developed an interest in all forms of photography including portraits, wildlife, nature and landscape photography.

As the years have passed, an interest in capturing special moments for families has grown. When it comes to Candace's Portraits you can expect a laid back, personable, but most importantly professional experience. Portrait photography has been in Candace's own words "An amazing experience being able to capture special little moments and watch families grow". 

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